‘It Was Carrying Woman in Labor’-NTSA Defends Matatu Captured On Wrong Route

Bus captured on the wrong root was carrying an expectant mother to the hospital for delivery, says NTSA.

National Transport and Safety Authority have defended a matatu captured on camera operating on the wrong route saying it carried a woman due to delivery.

In response to one social media user, Earl Gib, the transport authority clarified that the Matatu had sought permission from the traffic officer to enable the mother to reach hospital faster.

“We have confirmed that the said vehicle was carrying an expectant mother as an emergency to Mbagathi Hospital who was about to deliver & had the “blessings” of the traffic police manning the roundabout, DTO Lang’ata has confirmed & Mbagathi Hospital through a letter,” said NTSA on Twitter.

The Confirmation came at the backdrop of Gib’s accusation towards the bus operators where he claimed that the driver chose an illegal route knowingly because he was certain he will still walk free.

“This is what happens to people who know that nothing is going to happen. Because am sure this guy knew that they will be taken a video or a pic but he still did this… From carnivore to Weston hotel,” he claimed.

On Wednesday, Gib claimed that he had raised the matter on social media and tagged the authority but no response or action was taken.

He also tagged Citizen TV’s anchor Jeff Koinange and HOT96 radio on the post and said: “it was a week ago on Wednesday. I tagged @ntsa_kenya but never got any reply from them.”

The happenings come at a time when the Authority is on spot over increasing cases of accidents in the country.

On Friday, 13 people died in Awasi and at least 30 others got injured after Eldoret Express bus collided with a trailer.

NTSA boss Francis Meja said that he has sent a team to the scene of the accident to carry out an investigation to establish the root cause of the accident.


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