Woman attacked and raped in her house in Homabay

A 21-year-old woman was on Thursday night attacked and raped in her house at Nyambere village in North East Kanyamwa Location of Ndhiwa Sub County, Homa Bay County.

A thug yet to be identified reportedly broke into her house at around 2 am when the woman was asleep and committed the heinous act.

Confirming the incident, the area acting Chief Jane Atieno said that the suspect, was armed with a knife broke the door and forcefully entered the bedroom where he attacked the victim threatening to kill her before raping her.

Chief Atieno added that during the incident the woman was alone in the house since her husband spent a night in Rongo and the suspect took advantage to commit the offence after threatening to kill the woman should she have raised an alarm for help.

The administrator further said that after the incident, the suspect stole five tins of groundnuts from the woman’s store and escaped.

The officer said that her office has liaised with police officers from Ndhiwa police station who have launched manhunt for the suspects.

The woman was taken to Homa bay county Referral Hospital for medical examination.

Elsewhere in Nakuru, a 22-year-old man who left residents of a village in Subukia is reeling in shock after he dug up his dead father’s remains allegedly on instructions of a witchdoctor has never exhibited signs of mental illness.

Chief Peter Muigai of Maseno location within Subukia Sub-County said the man identified as Patrick Mwangi was a hardworking and law abiding citizen, who had never been implicated in criminal activities.

His aunt Teresia Mumbi also told journalists that Mwangi who engaged in the weird act in heart of the night to avoid being spotted by villagers was a polite and friendly person.

“Mwangi spent the whole night exhuming his father who was buried 19 years ago. When we interrogated him he claimed that a witchdoctor had instructed him to ferry the remains to Rumuruti so as to make him rich.

We believe he is of sound mind as he has been engaging in tomato business. He told us that the witch doctor had been persistent in his demand for the deceased’s remains,” said Mumbi.

Initially he attempted to exhume the remains last month before the chief intervened and stopped him.

An attempt by irate villagers to lynch the man was thwarted by the administrator and police officers who whisked him away and locked him up at Subukia Police Station.

Meanwhile, residents have described the act as bizarre and a violation of African traditions.

A neighbour James Kariuki said Mwangi had never displayed signs of madness and was a hardworking and respected small scale businessman.

“Sometimes he engages in social drinking but he never misbehaves. Mwangi has never been implicated in criminal activities. We are very surprised. I believe he now needs to see a psychiatrist and seek medical help.

He stays with his elder brother and two other siblings at their parents’ home. Their mother also died three years after their father’s demise,” said Kariuki

 The area chief said when he first stopped the man from the act he insisted that his business was performing poorly and something had to be done about it.

“I was summoned when he initially started digging up the remains. I talked to him and he stopped. He had already informed me that someone he did not disclose wanted the remains to enable him (Mwangi) to prosper,” said the chief, adding that was deliberating with Agikuyu elders and Mwangi’s relatives on the next course of action.

Mumbi said when she woke up she noticed a heap of soil and on further observation confirmed that his brother’s remains had been dug up.

“Mwangi was still inside the grave digging deeper and when I demanded that he stops his unusual act he asked me to leave him alone and mind my own business.

      I raised an alarm but the determined man was unmoved and insisted that he needed to get his late father’s bones and take them to Rumuruti,” she said.

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