Did This Kiss 100’s Presenter Get Married Secretly?

Did Kiss 100 presenter Nick Ndeda wed the long-time love of his life  Muthoni Gitau secretly?

Well, fans believe so after Nick hinted that he could be married to his fashion and beauty blogger girlfriend in a post on Twitter praising her creativity.

“I married a creative ass chic!!,” Nick commented on a post made by his girlfriend of five years. A tweet that had fans wondering when he went off the market.



Indeed the news got many of his fans by surprise since it’s always a norm for celebrity couples to make public their wedding.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens.

Calypso Daughter…You…are…married?
Error-245You married a ka fruit
KevoSimpleboy….. What a creative way to announce that you are off the market
Image result for Nick ndeda

Judith Chebet….., this is so pretty…when did you get married?

Tash Matimbi…….. Confession: I follow this power couple silently. Artistes are gods
Brian Kibe…..Damn, this is serenely awesome!!!

 Dating Life

The two love birds have managed to keep their dating life private.

Muthoni once revealed that the two had been together since 2014 and how they met.

“We met twice. The first time we met was at Alliance Française (A Kenyan-French cultural centre) which he never remembers. We had an exhibition and so I was pulling photos from the gallery when he walked in, looked at me and said hi,” she revealed.

I think he said ‘hi’ because of how I was dressed because i had a full punk-rock outfit on. The second time was at Pawa 254 and we had a meeting with a mutual friend. He came in and as I used to listen to his show and tweet in the morning, I was like “Oh Nick. I tweet you in the morning”, and he was like “My reputation precedes me.”

She added that Nick slid her DM

“OH! How cocky!” I thought to myself before we were later given a ride into town but we didn’t talk much after that. So in the car, since I was the only girl, my friends were talking about me and the stuff I do. The next morning he DMd me on Twitter and as they say, the rest is history.”

“I don’t know, he is just a normal person when we are together, but wherever we walk around, he gets a lot of attention, he should definitely run for MCA,” she said.

Muthoni Gitau is a lady who wears many hats as before she created Asili, the petite beauty was an actress, a poet, and fashion blogger while he is a radio host and actor.

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