Babu Owino’s Funny Reaction After Being Labelled as ‘Too Skinny’

Embakasi MP Babu Owino is known for his snappy and usually hilarious comebacks that seem to be at the tip of his tongue.

He was in usual form recently when a fan commented that he is too skinny after he posted a picture in casual clothes.

“Kijana hukuli?” read the comment.


Babu then retorted with “My body is meant for speed n comfort,” eliciting laughter from his fans.

In an earlier post, a fan had told him ‘ako na umama’ (you have lady-like behaviour) after he shared a photo swinging from a door.

Babu swinging from a door at Kilimani Police division (Courtesy)

“Uko na umama mwingi sana😂😂😂,” read a comment from kipkoech_rodney.

“Uko na umeno mingi sana,” came Owino’s snappy comeback, a jab at a common stereotype about the Kalenjin community.

Owino is not the only celebrity who has had curt comebacks when it comes to their weight, NTV’s Sharon Mundia did not spare a lady who complained that she was getting too skinny.

“Aii mamii, you are getting too thin mamii,” commented an IG user on Sharon’s photo.

A comment that forced Sharon to brusquely reply with, “Maybe you could write down the exact measurements that you’d like my body to be and I’ll get to work on it as soon as I start to give a damn. Thanks!”

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