Very Greedy! Kikuyu Women in Trouble After Dutch Billionaire’s Body is Found


Kenya based Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen’s search came to an end after his decomposing body was recovered at his Nairobi home in Kitisuru estate inside a septic tank.

This brought the nation to a standstill as his wife, Sarah Wairimu, became the first suspect to the gruesome murder.

Kenya’s director of criminal investigations, George Kinoti, could not find enough words to describe the murder.

“Cohen was, it is a gruesome murder, they took their time to kill innocent Cohen,” he said. “He was bound on legs, hands, and neck before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank. They took their time,” he added.

Tob Cohen and wife Sarah Wairimu.

Wairimu, being a Kikuyu lady, led to an online frenzy as netizens took to social media insulting Kikuyu ladies, describing them as murderers. She was said to have been a perfect example to what Kikuyu ladies are.

Luckily, not everyone believed in the said sentiments as others defended Kikuyu ladies saying its wrong for all to be judged because of one of them who did wrong.

To the front line, Hon Babu Owino and blogger Robert Alai stepped out to defend these ladies. Married to a Kikuyu lady, Babu said described other Kikuyu ladies as angels.

“Not all Kikuyu women are bad as people are putting it, some are angels,” he said.

Alai also condemned those referring to the ladies as murderers saying that it is uncalled for, judging a whole community for the account of an individual.

He also reminded them that every community has criminals. “Suspect Sarah Wairimu is not representative of all Kikuyu ladies,” he said.

“People must not blame a whole community for the crimes of an individual. I have Kikuyu relatives too and we can’t all be looking at them like greedy murderers. Even my community has murderers, “he added.

Body of missing Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen found in an underground water tank in Spring Valley in Nairobi. His wife, Sara Wairimu Kamotho, is still in police custody.

Posted by on Friday, 13 September 2019

Cetric King Mluhya Our central sisters. The level of determination you have is out of this world. I am flabbergasted.

Ndemange Carrick Michael The word is “tycoon” ….then wairimu Sarah our daughter from mount religion… am not surprised…. My little bro Mathew get warned as early as now ur family loves u expectialy our beloved mother….rip Cohen

Richard Ogata So sad.I feel for his family.May he rip.whoever did this to innocent soul so sorry & bad,may they face the consequences

Macandere Snowdown What a cruel way to die and I guess it’s because of worldly things (money)

POLICE FIND body of missing Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen in a septic tank within his compound in Kitisuru, DCI boss George Kinoti

Posted by DAILY NATION on Friday, 13 September 2019

Wandia Wa Nyaga Surely, what is money!!!!!!!!! I hoped he had wandered off somewhere.

Resyoma Nandwa Unbelievable, finally though sad, it is confirmed he is no more. May God grant his family the grace, peace and endurance at this moment. To his killers may God forgive you.

Lucy Njagi Very tragic but not surprised at all at the happenings and the culprit. Greed, and the love of money is the root of all evils

Samuel Mbogo The energy and level of determination some who live within us is out of this world #its heartbreaking to say rest in peace while someone has forcefully rested you in pieces.. Im frabagasted!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Man Lukumbu de Farmer Kyuk ladies are experts in this game . Let that lady not find peace forever . Infact let those assets she dearly wished to own be sold off and the proceeds be handed over to the mzungu’s kin in Holland . May any wicked Lawyer who happens to represent this wicked woman in court be cursed … Amen !!

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