Top Kenyan Celebrities who Don’t Drink Alcohol (Photos)

Due to the glamorous parties that happen in this country, we all expect our celebrities in the industry to make merry and be intoxicated but that’s not the case.

In the recent past, we’ve had celebrity mess up really badly due to intoxication. However, there are prominent celebrities who had never had a sip of alcohol.

For some celebrities, the love for alcohol has added vigour to their hustle but for some, it’s been their sober tale.

These are some of them:


Musician Wyre

Wyre has been in the entertainment industry close to two decades. Despite being in the craziest of parties, the lad has never touched a drop of alcohol.

Victor Wanyama

Footballer Victor Wanyama

Unlike many sportsmen who swim in alcohol thanks to their crazy lifestyles and fat cheques, this Kenyan International footballer doesn’t drink alcohol.

Dj Joe Mfalme:

DJ Joe Mfalme

In an industry that demands a hedonistic lifestyle, Joe takes the straight and narrow path by avoiding the brown bottle and the hard drinks. He survives on water and Redbull during night events.

Khaligraph Jones:

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph famously worked with Belaire, a French company famed for its family of sparkling wines but the OG doesn’t indulge.

King Kaka:

King Kaka

This celebrated musician hates alcohol with a passion. He is determined to sell his music, build his empire but not a tippler.

Larry Madowo:

Larry Madowo

Larry is a Kenyan journalist and the BBC Africa Business Editor. He was previously a news anchor who specialized in technology, current affairs, political interviews, and entertainment. Unlike his media counterparts who overindulge, this lad has never tasted alcohol.


In a country like these where the famous folks drink and think beer, Its Impressive to have sober ones as well!




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