Chipukeezy Does The Unthinkable And Exits Ebru TV

Popular comedian cum Talk show host Chipukeezy has shocked fans by announcing his abrupt exit from Ebru TV. The local media house has housed his show Chipukeezy Show since last year, growing his fanbase by the day. His news comes as a shock to many as the show has built up many upcoming artists and entertainers including Kayole’s finest Kartello, Comedian Mullamwah, and Mihadarati crooner Stivo Simple Boy.

In explaining the reason for his sudden exit fro the media station, he highlighted the fact that they expected him to terminate Kartello from the show as they think it has become to Ghetto. According to Chipukeezy’s Press release, Ebru hoped that he would turn it around and host more politicians.


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They say they are a bit concerned that the show has become a bit Ghetto because of the many Youths (Upcoming Musicians and Comedians) on the show. They requested that we try and change the format a little bit. Maybe interview more politicians and afew Corporate Executives.

Chipukeezy announced that his passion is to empower the youth not to add more to the pockets of the wealthy. It is on this accord that he handed in his resignation letter.

My Passion, Desire and Vision is to LIFT the Youth of this Country. I feel like God has offered me an opportunity to create a platform for these Young people who are mostly from the slams and majorly disadvantaged. Our politicians are good, they are more than good. Our Executives are actually living their dreams. On the other hand I feel like most talented youths are without hope and opportunity and unless someone holds their hands their Future is mostly uncertain.

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He chose to stick by Kartello over the money. He did, however, announce that the show will be aired on a different platform.

I am not willing or planning under any circumstances to stop supporting Kartelo and any other young person in this industry and since Ebru seems to have made up their minds on Terminating Kartelo appearance on my show I am sadly left with no option but to terminate my Contract as well.

Fans all over the country have poured in their support for his courageous move. Check out their reactions below:

Mc King Dto I started watching ebru tv coz of you chipukeezy And I loved the way you are supporting Young Youths and Generation you are blessed and more blessings to be with you forever……for now since you have decided to play a good role like Jesus…Pia mm am Disqualify my contract of watching Ebru tv….Ingia Switch Tv

John Muraya You and kartelo have already established the platform and what you already started will never cease…
Bigger things are ahead of you guys.. ONE LOVE!!

Edin Sichangi It’s very unfortunate,but God is preparing something bigger 🙏….. trust and pray! I honestly came to know existence of ebru tv through chipikeezy show. I think ebru tv has lost

Icon Farhan Adam Bille Chipu you have touched my heart! You’ve terminated your contract at Ebru but God will open for you other doors! My prayers are with you buddy…

Catherine Mutuku U are more than blessed chipukizey and God is opening a new flatform even before u look for it i love ur strength and never look back when it comes to ur passion of uplifting the youth

Benjamin Njuguna Thank you for supporting disadvantaged youths and using your influence to uplift and nurture their talents, keep it up and never stop doing good

Ng’etich Carzola Vinny I always watch Ebru because of the young talents with no platform to showcase their talents whom you always give them and the support they need ,may God bless you Chipu and open doors for more blessings

Ptah Wachira K-ndosa chipukeezy the much I can say is that may the almighty God bless you so very much…most people wouldnt have done what you just did…Trust me more doors are opening for you…you will never lack…it hurts seeing when we try to uplift others kuna wasee wengine are not happy…continue doing it bro and we shall support you fully….God akubless tu sana Chipukeezy

Laiker Dossah Lohcoh Wow…good and wise decision you have taken… Am sure the more doors you’ve opened… You’ll get as many doors open for your show…#vinnie the supporting don

Fabian Kaduka Feisal Very few people will do that to lift a brother’s hand…some tough decisions require a tough person like you chipu…we are praying fro you and thanks for standing with Kartelo and the ghetto child

Mutua Chris tell them Rip ebru. I personally will never watch that station in my life unless they apologize to Kenyans. Mwanaaa mwaitu Ekana ndumbia isu. There is always another way forward and I believe this time now will be bigger than ever

Mourice Mwembe Hello bro. Its quite unfortunate that they want you to bring politicians on board, one thing, they’re are already known and maybe already reached their pinnacle. I support you on this, continue bringing these talents on board, hold their hands and bring them forth. Kudos bro. I support you Chipukeezy Vinie

Esther Wangui I dirnt know about ebru tv until my daughter introduced me to it I had come to love the programs but to day after work I will put a password nobody will ever watch it in my house God bless you in chupikey I really wanted to meet you but I think God didn’t want we meet in that platform

Peter Kogi That’s a great decision, am sure i would have done the same because its hard to do something that you are NOT PASSIONATE about. Hata ukienda Inoro Tv ama whatever TV tutakufuata huko. Politicians, executives and those living their dreams have enough platforms to share and contribute to the society. What about our youths with talents na hawana platform. Twende twendete…by Ebru Tv

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