Robert Alai Evokes Netizens’ Wrath After Defending Anerlisa’s Mother

Robert Alai rubbed Netizens the wrong away after claiming that Anelisa’s mother- Tabitha Karanja was Innocent before investigations were carried out. This came after the arrest of Tabitha and her husband Joesph Karanja.

Owners of alcohol brewing firm- Keroche Industries Ltd; Tabitha Karanja and her husband Joseph Karanja spent a night in the cell after been arrested in Naivasha on Thursday 22nd over tax evasion allegation.

The two were arrested after the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji ordered their arrest on Wednesday 21st.

The controversial blogger Robert Alai took to Twitter and defended Tabitha saying that she was innocent yet she had to spend a night in a police cell.

Remember that there is a woman called Tabitha Karanja who spent her night in the police cells just because she dared challenge the big multinationals. She is being punished for success. She doesn’t owe the govt Ksh 14 billion. Do you know 14b?

Alai Wrote;

Immediately, Kenyans on Twitter descended on Alai tearing him limb to limb claiming that he was paid to defend the woman when there are other millions of innocent people behind bars.

Here are the reactions;

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