Atheist vs Christianity: Does your mother know your religious standing on social media?


We have all experienced the kindness of a Kenyan mom. The one who makes sure that even when you haven’t been visited yet, or even when your parents are a bit late, will make sure that you at least have something to eat and also have something small to carry.

The mothers who always got us dressed up and memorize bible verses to perform on Sundays. But things have changed now, our Millenial mothers will not even attend church themselves for reasons best known to them.

In a typical African setting, most of us grew in homes where religion was a part of our daily lives, but things have changed over time. For a while now, atheists were doing their thing quietly, nobody, not even the bishops currently preaching brimstone on them bothered to go to them and preach their gospel.

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It is in that respect where everyone is trying to prove why their faith is greater than the other. With the craftiness now being seen among pastors, many people would be swayed to think otherwise in matters religion.

However, it is important that everyone respected the decisions of others without passing judgement.  It is important to correct the assumption that only believers do good. But how do you tactfully say it? Many of us have been exposed to the media which later became an eye-opener on matters religion.

Atheists were hardly known in an African setting and our parents cannot put up with the thought, that their sons/daughters no longer consider themselves as Christians anymore. This has sparked a crazy online conversation and here were some reactions.

By any chance, if you changed your religion have you told your parents? If Yes, were they receptive to the idea?


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