David Ndii Re-ignites Online Campaign Against Brookside Milk

Photo: Economist David Ndii/courtesy

Vocal political strategist and economist, David Ndii, has re-ignited an online debate asking Kenyans to resist Brookside milk.

Through his Twitter page, Ndii began a revolution tagged #ResistBrookside, protesting how the processor has allegedly been humiliating milk farmers.

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Photo: A packet of Brookside Milk in Kenya/courtesy

The processor has reduced the price of the milk by Ksh2 in the latest review, just a week after it cut the same by Ksh3 on August 5.

“Dear supplier, kindly note raw milk prices have further been reviewed downwards by Ksh2 per kilo effective 16/08/2019,” the Kenyatta family-linked dairy wrote.

Photo: Milk Farmer/courtesy

This means the processor will pay Ksh25 a litre to farmers supplying between one litre and 100 litres, Ksh26 for those delivering between 1001 litres and 2,500 litres and Ksh29 for suppliers offering 5,001 litres and above.

The dreaded online community, led by Ndii, ganged up against Brookside urging Kenyans to resist it and seek alternatives.

In 2017, Nasa Coalition, led by Raila Odinga, a similar campaign asking Kenyans to resist products from certain companies over their alleged role in the August 8 presidential election.

However, the campaign ended after Raila extended an olive branch to President Uhuru Kenyatta in the famous March 9, 2018 handshake.

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