Boss Tulia! Dear Kenyan men, it’s one lady at a time!

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Men get easily tired of a relationship and sometimes it’s not because they want to but because their lady does. There are many things that have people frustrated while in a relationship. Women sometimes are unaware of the fact that certain characters they exhibit would only push their man off the relationship.

One sure thing about a man getting tired of a relationship is that it gradually happens; it builds slowly till the man can’t take it anymore. When a man becomes tired of his lady, he easily gets tired of being with her and hardly anything she does would be pleasing to him.

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With that in mind, how about having multiple ladies all to themselves, does that still occur? One of the issues that mostly arises in most African settings is that most men are referred into being polygamous, however, their understanding is totally different.

Kenyan men would view polygamy as having multiple ladies, while in other regions like the US, their perception breaks down to one lady at a time.Polygamy itself isn’t “immoral” and can be found in the histories of cultures all over the world. However, certain cultures, religion and economic systems like America, aren’t set up to support it.

Here were some reactions.

Nyar Taita Mary Private parts are private parts how can they be shared?
Lorraine Wilson Many men can’t afford to support one wife let alone 4 or 5 ! They should spend more time and money on birth control. 😤


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