What would you do if you found out your husband left his wealth to another woman’s kids?


In most African home settings, it is often believe that having male children as opposed to female, was a bigger blessing. In today’s society, it has become the norm to treat both genders as equal, however, there are those who are still in the old-age backward thinking.

Picture this: you are married for 20years, you and hubby only have three beautiful girls. His family are the type that believe a male child is more important and a must have. So you feel terrible that you haven’t given your husband a male child. He assures you that he is ok without a male child. Hubby falls ill and critically requires a kidney transplant or he will die and you turn out to be a match, because you love him you decide you will donate your other kidney to him.

One day in preparation to go to the hospital for surgery you were getting all paperwork sorted out. You come across your husband’s will, go through it and you find out that your husband has 3 boys with another woman and he left 90% of his wealth for those boys and their mother and only leaving 10% for your own girls and you.

That being said you have a lot of decisions to make: What will you do?? Would you still give him your kidney?? How will you handle the whole situation??

Recently this scenario was posted by a Facebooker on Social media and it gathered a lot of comments and reactions from Kenyans who were quick to respond. Check out some of their responses.

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