Netizens reveal why they will never give excess change to Makangas

Image result for kenyan matatu conductor picking fare
Kenyan Makanga at a bus stop Photo: Courtesy

We all have a history with Kenyan matatus either good or bad. Every matatu user will agree to the fact that no tradition beats the matwana/matatu culture. The matatu culture has a great heart and passion towards the beautification of Nairobi city, and it remains a unique idea made and developed by our own artists.

Interestingly, no one has come forth and copyrighted the idea, ain’t that a positive thing? However much we might want to hint a good picture to the world, majority of those operating the matatus are crooks. This culture habors a distinctive character of both conductors and drivers, and when Kenyans have a way to pay back, they do so whole-heartedly.

Would you give back excess change to a conductor who mistakenely gave it to you? Below is what Kenyans would do.

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