Angry netizens blast local contractors for stalled foot bridges along Thika Road

Thika Super-highway Photo: Twitter

Kenyans have slowly become accustomed to having traffic on their routes each passing day. Bosses, interviewers and our partners whom we derail on our dates can bet ‘being on traffic’ is an excuse which can’t miss on our lips. Thika road users have seen thousands of constructions happening but a few roads works like footbridges being on a standstill.

We agree the Chinese have done an excellent job but Kenyans are tired of seeing stalled constructions, some which have caused traffic on our routes. Recently, Thika Road workers woke up to a section of their lane on the main highway being closed and had a few get late to work.

Image result for Thika superhighway footbridges
Thika Superhighway Photo: Courtesy

Ordinary Kenyans have over the years praised Chinese companies for the quality of work and the speed at which they deliver on their projects. The question remains since the Chinese are no longer being seen around, should we blame local contractors for being lazy?


Here is what some Kenyans had to

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