Love in a time of census: Kenyans delighted as a lady testifies how her parents met during counting


After every ten years, Kenya conducts a census to have a clear count of the population within the nation. The information collected is based on various categories and estimations.

As Kenyans await the forthcoming census process, lots of things will be happening both to the employees conducting the process and those being interviewed. Shockingly, the most unexpected things happen at such times, like finding love.

Everyone desires to eventually find love, marry maybe, and settle down. But the truth is it isn’t always easy to find the one soul mate you desire, and the reasons are different from individual to individual.

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Some find love, and some fall for the wrong one. Having said that, it’s necessary to point out that as difficult as it may seem to find love, being in the right place at the right time can sometimes, make things easier.

Twitter has been rife with the issue of finding love during this season of the census. Below are some comments.


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