You could be the perfect man, but if your Bed game is whack, you’re still trash


There is always that one guy whom every girl has in her life, he’s literally perfect, you couldn’t ask for anything more from him,and for sure you are in love to the point of marrying him….. except his sex moves may leave you wanting. And ten you are left wondering whether to tolerate it, try and make it better or just leave altogether.

The real question here is, is he worth it?

Bad sex is like being stuck in gridlock traffic: You’re there for the duration. And you wonder, with a mix of disappointment and frustration, if you’re ever going get where you want to be. You’re hardly alone in that particular jam.It’s even more frustrating if it comes from that one particular oh-so-perfect guy.

Sexual disconnect is one of the main reasons couples land in sex therapists’ offices. In fact, it happens so frequently that there’s actually a term for it: spectatoring.
Of course, so-so sex is the worst when you love a man and can see yourself riding off into the sunset with him. That’s when you really have to take the reins in hand and train your stallion to be the lover you want.

But again, does it really matter? Short answer, yes. Especially if everything else in the relationship is clicking.

Recently the debate was taken up by the internet, and people had a lot to say about it. Check it out.

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