Annointed D*ck? The tale of 3 Pastors arrested for allegedly impregnating 300 women baffles Kenyans

There has been a lot of drama surrounding the Religious Community in Kenya, specifically pertaining to Pastors and how they use faith to trick people. Just recently there was a debate as to how pastors have taken over households that even husbands are complaining over due to their wives treating pastors like gods and some to the extent of engaging in extra-marital affairs.

Just a few years back, footage of a pastor caught with a young woman in a hotel room caused controversy in Kenya. The people who were behind the video are not known but it begged to question the morality of theses so called pastors in Kenya.

The film looked like an episode of Cheaters, the American TV programme in which a television crew tracks down unfaithful partners and catches them red-handed – with the cameras rolling of course.

It was broadcast on a news programme in Kenya, and appeared to show Anglican pastor Charles Githinji half dressed in a hotel room with a pretty young woman. Another man, claiming to be the woman’s husband, bursted into the room with a television crew in tow. The sheepish pastor scrambled for his clothes, but not before being quizzed by the people behind the camera. A version of the scenario was uploaded to YouTube and soon after, Kenyans began tweeting about the story using the hashtag #PantsDown.

It was not an isolated incident. Similar videos on YouTube – all of which appear to expose Kenyan pastors in similar situations – have racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Just recently more shocking and a similar if not far-fetched story has surfaced.

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The alleged news of three pastors arrested for impregnating 300 women of their Church in 3 months brings a lot into question.

Posted by Chris Williams on Wednesday, 7 August 2019

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