Miguna’s Troll on Raila Backfires as Kenyans Save ‘Babah’

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Miguna Miguna and Raila Odinga. Photo/File

A tweet by Canadian based lawyer Miguna Miguna meant to shame ODM party leader Raila Odinga on Thursday backfired terribly after a section of irritated Kenyans came to the defense of Raila Odinga.

Through his twitter and facebook accounts, Miguna thanked the two bereaved families of Mr. Edwin Abonyo (Laboso’s husband) and the family of Ken Okoth for effectively restraining Raila Odinga whom he termed as The peoples Con-Man from exploiting their funerals.

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ODM Party leader Raila Odinga having a good time. Photo/File

“I wish to thank Mr. Edwin Abonyo, Joyce Laboso’s husband, and the family of Ken Okoth, for effectively restraining The People’s Con-Man Raila Odingafrom exploiting the funerals of their loved ones. Kenyans are fed up with Raila’s opportunism and churlish funeral drama.” Tweeted Miguna.

The post immediately came under heavy criticism from many Kenyans who defended Raila terming Miguna’s post as misplaced and senseless. Here are the reactions;

Papajoe Kogolla This is somebody’s father making a lot of noise in Facebook like a class five pupil

Replying to  Acha Baba aitwe Baba wewe pambana na hali yako…. miguna have u master Canadian National anthem ???

Victor Lameck I think those drugs Miguna was injected with has interfered with his mental uprights.

Lyshaz Mirabel General I told you it’s either you share what you are smoking or we kidnap you the second time

Douglas Masakhwe Anunda If you didn’t know, you still make a little sense to a few fools. We don’t eat Raila Odinga or in his house. As Kenyans we are also fed up with your stupid opportunism on anything to mention Raila’s name. You are slowly but surely losing sense. Ongeer

Agono Maurize General Dr. Miguna MigunaDr. Miguna Miguna did you hear Ruto saying, he opposed Laboso from wearing short skirts 😂😂

Replying to  Boss bitterness will ruin your life,kindly develop a positive mental attitude and learn to forgive your enemies.
Replying to  The man with the same name twice, always discussing an individual! I expect a man like you to discuss issues not to do with the past but for instance wha kenya can do to get rid of cancer!

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