IFIKIE WAZAZI! Viral Video of students sparks heated reactions from Kenyans

Students singing on the streets, Image/Courtesy

It’s been a long debate as to the kind of content today’s generation has access to and to what extent it has deteriorated our children’s behaviour. With the likes of songs such as ‘Wamlambez’, ‘Pandana’, ‘Get A Tako’, ‘Kaa na Mama Yako’,  and ‘Pekejeng’ the lyrics and sentiments of these songs are proving to be quite problematic to today’s generation.

Recently a video surfaced of young school girls and boys engaging in obscene dancing as well as inappropriate fondling of each other. It was quite a spectacle if you ask me, which showcases some of the discrepancies ur children are going through.

Hii ifikie wazazi. Halafu huyo Mkorino si hata angetoa kilemba kwanza 😂😂 Tag their mothers, fathers, sisters, uncles, aunts, village mates, clansmen and let matiang'i see what his children have turned to by sharing

Posted by Mgahawani on Wednesday, 31 July 2019


The video has clearly caught the attention of netizens who were not shy of airing out their opinions on the matter.

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