Digital Dirt: Moments the internet crushed celebrities by airing dirty laundry

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The advent of social media has birthed young entrepreneurs, hashtag grinding, set a virtual standard for almost everything; from relationships, hashtag couple goals, what to wear, hashtag slaying, to the very definition of success, hashtag boss moves.

It has in equal measure bore inglorious moments, especially for some of the individuals in the limelight.

Here are some public figures to whom the internet has truly shown that it can be a monster, just waiting to pounce.

  1. Kobi Kihara

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Now this was one eventful way for the TV girl to go down.

Twitter being the judge, jury and executioner it is, found Kobi guilty of faking a lavish life she didn’t actually have.

According to shrewd social media investigators, a number of posts put up on the former NTV host social media accounts were just but picked online and not a reflection of her real life.

Below is for instance a photo of a “bad ass” salad dish, she on Instagram claims to have made. A picture that was later found to have been pulled from Pinterest.

Salad dish Kobi claimed to have made

She on another occasion was found to have posted an edited version of shoes she plucked from the internet.

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Of all the examples, the worst was of pulling photos of a baby she had never met, claiming she is her niece.

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A toll that led some netizens to believe that Kobi has a “mental situation.”

She ultimately had to quit social media after #KobiKIharaChallenge and a relentless flock behind it, which became too much to handle.

2. Jacque Maribe

Maribe being engaged to Jowie Irungu

Now the former Citizen TV anchor’s life was moving on the fast lane after just being promoted from reporter to anchor, to getting engaged to her prince charming not so long after she had received a Head of State Commendation.

All however came crumbling when her fiance Jowie was implicated in a murder case and alongside him, Maribe was accused of being an accessory to murder.

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Maribe and Dennis Itumbi in court

This was followed by the pulling out of Jacque Maribe archives. We got to see men that she had allegedly dated way before we knew of her.


3. Betty Kyallo

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Now the TV sensation has a massive following and attracts attention wherever she goes. This has inevitable dragged along her private life.

Even with the recent release of Kenyans Top 100 Journalists, her marriage to Dennis Okari was still brought up despite separating two years ago.

Her subsequent affair with Mombasa Governor Joho didn’t help the situation either.

5. Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe in the company of Robert Burale and others while he was a committed church member

Once again, in its true element, social media’s ingenious got us seeing the other side of controversial broadcaster Andrew Kibe.

With his often unorthodox an publicly expressed view of life, it is had to belief that Kibe was ever the church boy.

But no. Social media will prove you wrong.

He was found to have once been close allies with celebrity pastor Robert Burale.

Even his marriage life came up.

He therefore had to clear the air, and clearly state his current commitment out of church.

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