DETAILS! Ken Okoth Asked Doctors to ‘Kill Him’

The Late Kibra MP Ken Okoth//Photo Courtesy

News of the passing on of Kibra MP Ken Okoth have been received with a sombre mood across the country. The lawmaker passed away at the Nairobi hospital on Friday afternoon after a long battle with colorectal cancer.

He had been admitted at the ICU after suffering multiple organ failure. Information reaching our desk is that the vibrant politician, who was only 41 years at the time of his demise,  asked that the life support he was on be switched off.

In other words, he asked the doctors to kill him, probably knowing that he had no future. The MP returned from France a few weeks ago where he had been receiving specialised treatment.

His last public appearance was two weeks ago when he attended the Kibra Music Fest at Moi Girls School, Nairobi.

Okoth showed the Never Give Up attitude during his battle with cancer and despite the pain, he was going through, he always managed a smile and was optimistic that he would win the war.

Okoth revealed his Cancer diagnosis in February indicating that the condition was discovered at a very advanced stage and that it could not be cured but managed.


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