Watu Walewe!! Kenyans excited as Coca-cola Launches Alcoholic drink

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Coca-Cola drinks on a supermarket shelf Photo: Courtesy

And when we thought we shall get a new brand taste of Coca-cola, the company gave us an alcoholic drink. This is good news to our friends who love it with some additional percentage on their drink, you know what I mean..wink!

The Coca-Cola Company will officially launch the Lemon-do alcoholic soft drink in Japan in October, Coca-Cola spokesperson Scott Leith said. The company has higher hopes for the mass appeal of its new coffee product.

It seems people did not see this coming.

If the product is launched in Kenya, then what shall it mean to Kenya breweries, who have dominated the market for ages now? If the supply of a coke soda is this high in supermarkets, what of the drink?

Well, could Coca-cola’s move be a window of opportunity to try to showcase diversification of their products?

Even for those who were never fans of Coca-cola sodas, maybe this is the right time to try it?

And as always it’s never a sad time in these streets, some people cannot wait to try out the coca-cola drink to have a test of whether it shall make its exit through the nose like the way soda does sometimes.

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