“Monkey Swallowed Sh1.9m” Wildlife Officers’ Sweet Lies Excite Kenyans

Wildlife officers claimed that a monkey swallowed Sh1.9 million in a game park office. PHOTO/FILE

It is always healthy to listen to an accused person before passing any judgment on them. However, it is, even more, healthier and sweeter listening to their ‘cooked’ and false testimonies when you actually know the truth.

This is the same case after wildlife officers in Nigeria claimed that monkeys in one of the country’s biggest game parks had swallowed a whopping Sh1.9 million lost money.

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According to the country’s media reports, the officers reported that a monkey broke and got into one of the officers where the money was kept then started ‘eating’ all the money.

Kano state police spokesperson Abdullahi Haruna said investigations were ongoing to determine the truth of the matter.

“It is true that the said money got lost in Kano Zoological Gardens Game Park. This money was collected from a five-day park income. We have already arrested 10 wildlife officers who are helping us with the investigations” said the officer.

It is, however, these ‘Sweet Lies‘ of a monkey swallowing such a large amount of money that has left a section of active Kenyan Social Media users talking.

Here are some of the funny reactions from Facebook users in Kenya who found the claims amazing and funny at the same time;

Osman Ramah Gaya Not in Kenya jamani si muingie hiyo link musome kabla muanze porojo ata Kenya inaweza sio uwongo

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Fazoul Ali Kenya ndio nchi pekee ulimwenguni ambayo hata vivutio vyote vya kitalii vitoweke,bado watalii watakuja tu, maana wananchi wake ni vivutio tosha.

Shoba Handy Biber Kwani sokwe anakula hizo pesa zote hashibi?

Robinson Wambua Washike huyo sokwe wafanye upasuji wa tumbo watoe pesa yetu

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Mwadete Jnr Kama vile panya walikula bangi ya exhibit pale kwale police station 😂😂😂😂

Evan Rock Khayumbi Kenya is my country vituko na madrama ndio raha yangu like this one here i will not vacate my country


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