Hananga kakitu: Ladies express bitterness in dating stingy Kenyan men

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Dating isn’t an expensive venture as viewed by many men.

Some Kenyan men are known to dislike spending on their girlfriends coz they believe that spending money on a woman is meaningless.

This has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Such irresponsible dudes are referred to as stingy.

The guys have also cried foul arguing that ladies have turned dating into investments. It is a common trend you hook up with a lady and she wants you to pay her school fees, house rent and all other bills.

Relationship advisor has chipped in the discussion, “When you are dating a stingy man don’t expect a miracle to happen in the near future. Always remember that if he is stingy when single, he’ll still be stingy when married. Just work hard, make your own money and maintain yourself, maybe then when a miracle happens it will be a bonus.”

Other kinds of dudes that have been boring ladies in relationships are the cheap type.

Cheap men will only make you go on coffee dates or freebie dates like walks in the park.

A guy who holds overly tight to his purse strings will also hold tight to his heart. A man who refuses to invest his money in getting to know you will not want to invest much of anything else either.

Men also feel they are justified to hold on their money due to the hard economic times where frugal spending is the only resolution.

Ladies had to share their experiences in dealing with stingy boyfriends:

Ladies, just know that you will never change someone. If you don’t like a problem they have now, it will only grow with time. You have a choice.

Do you think it is appropriate for your partner to struggle to make ends meet when you can surely help?

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