Kenyans blast Machachari actress Over Uber harassment Claims


PHOTO COURTESY Wanjiru Mburu vs Uber

Machachari actress Wanjiru Mburu alias Mama Baha narrated how she was frustrated by one uber driver three weeks ago. From her side of story one, it is perceived that the driver had bad intentions of harming her.

First, she says that she requested uber for her and her two female friends. According to her story, her friends were dropped in town and she was left alone with the driver.

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Wanjiku Mburu @Wanjiku Mburu FACEBOOK

About 3 weeks or so I get invited to a friends birthday and since I am unwell and medicated I decide not to drive and instead get a cab to drop off and later use an uber back home…I get to my destination, okay and the drama begins at around 12 am. I request the uber and the guy comes and we get in 3 of us. 2 ladies were dropped off in town and so it was just me in the uber

Wanjiru goes ahead to explain how the driver decided to change routes insisting on passing through Lang’ata to pick his driving license. Again this point raised questions on how a driver could take advantage of a client’s trip, given that the client pays for every Km Covered.

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..I am seated back left and sharing my ride because the vibe I am getting from this guy is off..we get to around nyayo roundabout and he tells me we will pass by langata for him to pick his d.l…bells start ringing and I don’t even want to know how he is driving without his d.l but I am more concerned with the detour…..

To cut her story short the actress narrates how she was forced to abort the trip before her destination, paid the driver, and requested for another driver.

…we are now at shell at Wilson and it’s now 12:30 am and I tell him categorically to drop me off there. Which he does and I get another uber and i am pissed and want to give him bad feedback but I just figure God will deal with him and I get home safe.

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After a day, she says that she received a call from the uber company telling her that she was suspended from using uber services for misbehaving in the uber ride. She says that she was accused of sexually harassing their driver by touching him inappropriately.

Despite the fact that she disputed the accusations by narrating her side of the story, fans could not believe her and they think she is telling lies.  some argue that they should hear the other side of the story from the uber driver while others claim that she must have been reported several times as Uber does not suspend services from users in just one incident.

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Here are responses from Netizens

ustus Mirukah Two sides to a coin. Yako tumesikia. Ya driver bado.
What makes you think he wanted to harm you unless you really wanted him to or asked for it. Uber drivers are a decent lot

Man Jamoh You’re just as pumpkin sister, try to improve

Muite Babake Alisha Share the no. Of the Uber driver we hear his version of the same

Tony Wanjohi Ghitao Lets hear the story from the driver then we judge

Boniface Wagema Wagems ur destination was at langata cemetery ,I was told by a friend that’s where they read Constitution chapter by chapter and it is done on top of the kaburi

Joseph Kajogoo Stop acting dear Lady, I’ve been there many years before you.tuwache kuleta set kwa uber..

Ben Jermaine Some things dont add up on your story…how can a driver decided to do his personal errands on your trip?unless we also hear the drivers side we cannot side with anyone

Koriko Jacob Its not write to discuss someone who is not present, he also has the right to be heard. The picking of DL thing is not making any sense

David Malibet Muiru How can a driver go pick his d.l. under your account….? Unless you know each other….that’s more than a rider driver encounter….. Something is not adding up..

Jush Kushe Raikku You are showing us your mammalian grands why unless this is about sext and cyty post for which we are fans two?

Anthony Muhoro You were three, the other two were dropped….. You remained in the cab….. I think the Uber driver is correct. Why you out of three….. After all he dropped you at shell on your request….. Seems ulipeleka Macha Hari kwa uba.

John Kinyanjui Haha, what a very principled driver……u must have handled him inappropriately😅😅

Samwel Wanjala You look like my former Uber partner before l left Uber haha you used to do so tarching me my private part wee riswah shindwe kabisa I know you?

Stephen Ngaii Uber cant block your accout with first complain…. so
We need to know more.

eruol Saleem Next time you want an Uber please ĺet me know, i’ll let you touch me inappropr..whatever ànd still give you Six Stars just for being one of my favorite actor🤗 we will use the bypass to make the journey longer and comfortable my dear


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