Time heals! Is actor Dan Sonko’s new relationship a rebound?

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Dan Sonko and his sons Photo: Courtesy

Social media came for the common good but has its own negative side and you never want to see that. People hide a lot behind their screens I tell you. This is probably one thing people don’t know how social media works. Most people are not genuinely happy for you and a few of us know that.

It’s amazing how over time we tend to associate with someone only by just following them over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter you name it. Some call them influencers and one of such would be Dan Sonko.


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Dan Sonko and his wife Dru and their son Photo: Courtesy

You probably don’t know much about him but he is a Kenyan actor and some of us got to know him well about two years back after the death of his then-wife Dru. Dan lost his wife about two years ago after she developed complications during childbirth.

So Dan being an influencer like any other, inspired us with his stories, how it was raising two young boys by himself and out of pity, most of would send our messages of condoling, just to see him through.

So, about two weeks ago, Dan made the decision to move on with his life, a choice that did not sit well with a section of his social media followers. We know the African culture and mourning right? But honestly we cannot mourn forever! Dan He posted a picture of himself with his new bae Bwire Ndubi which elicited different reactions.


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Wednesdays are made if this! Her and I…. Ua na Jabali lake #TeamLulu #Forever ❤

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A lady by the name @ Misskhacho forced the actor to address his relationship with Bwire after commenting that he had moved on too fast.

Death lives pain that no one can heal and as Dan said he loved Dru and he has made peace with God and his wife and the time came for him to move on.

In my opinion, though, Dan should have just maintained it as it was. First things first, there is no formula or specific time of waiting for one to remarry, people have different ways of getting over grief and that depends on the person.

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A person needs enough time to mourn and at a certain time when that person can decide that it’s time to move on, one can go ahead. The fact he (Dan) got such a huge following after letting his audience know about his life and Dru, he should have not introduced Bwire on the same platform. You get it?

Dan and his lover Bwire serving couple goals Photo: Courtesy

We understand it is his life and his page, but the audience was full of pity and enjoyed seeing that Dan and the boys were doing okay. Some of you will say it’s a salty one and we don’t want him to move on with his life but that the truth is, having Bwire in the picture changes everything.

Dan and Bwire Photo: Instagram

One, she is someone we have no idea about and all our attention will drastically move to her because we want to know who she is, will she cope well with the boys? You might not mention this in the comments because people will accuse us of trolling Dan and his new love but that’s how it is.

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Dan Sonko and his new love Bwire Hindu Photo: Instargram

On a lighter note though, it’s best known to Dan why he let it known that Bwire was replacing Dru and we wish them the best that love has to offer.

If you think it was fine for him to share his new lover on the same platform kindly share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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