Khaligraph Jones Lauded For Defending Mihadarati Hitmaker Against Malicious Interviewers

PHOTO COURTESY Khaligraph Jones and Stevo Simple Boy

In this era where everyone is trying to mind their own business, it takes a lot of selflessnesses for an individual to rise up and speak up for the rights of other people.

The king of rap Kaligraph Jones has proven to be the most humble and selfless artiste in Kenya after stepping up and defending the rights of the now viral Mihadarati Hitmaker -Stevo simple boy.

Khaligraph Jones criticized celebrities and interviewers who want to use Stevo for their own gain. Those who maliciously use trending upcoming celebrities to get high ratings.

Taking to social media, Kahligraph jones trolled media houses and celebrities who have been riding on the fact that Stevo is trending to earn publicity. The rapper says that after they achieve their goal of social media likes and ratings, they will dump him as they do with upcoming artistes.

Stevo and Chipukeezy during an interview @Khaliraph jones INSTAGRAM


Naona Sai Kila mtu anataka Kuleta Uyu Kijana Interview kwa Show zao sababu Atawaongezea Ratings, alafu Badala ya kuongelea Mihadarati mnaanza kumuuliza kama Yeye ndio the most handsome man when he clearly stated he is not a comedian but an artist, @chipukeezy make sure All his Expenses are being catered for by anyone who wants to host him on their TV/ Radio/Blog shows, hawa watu wanapenda kuitana interview wanakutumia alafu wanawacha msanii mdogo Aende Nyumbani Njaa bila ata fare ikome Tafadhali, support them, The Og shall be Respected

He also criticized interviewers who call Stevo for interviews and start asking him about his looks instead of asking constructive questions.

Now celebrities and fans have lauded Khaligraph Jones for standing up and speaking facts about celebrities and media houses that many people could not speak about.


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Ukweli iko hapa✊


PAPA Jones the supporter of raw talent 💪


Og ameongea


Hapo umesema kweli baba …..the Og is always right


Kabisa baba jones umeogea ukweli


For once at @kalighraph_jones , more sense, more support to young talents, it’s very evident most media and bloggers use this young artist as rubber stamps. Big ups meeen💪


That’s so true, even the content discussed is never serious to build or challenge an artist, people go ahead to even comment on how the interviewers should be respected, work on their content, the most disgusting is finding out that your host/ess doesn’t even know your name on air.
I hate this type of fakers who have lost their touch and now are just waving in fame without any tangible ways to help the industry grow.

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