Frequent questions about vajayjays that we are too embarrassed to ask about


Sex has never been an easy topic to discuss.

Wait, when it comes to gossip and muchene with your girls, it always makes it to the to of the list but let’s be honest, there are some things you have been too embarrassed to openly mention even when it comes to your closest pals. It’s probably any girls’ nightmare to visit the gynecologist especially when things have gone south in the south. Thank God for google because literally anything can be found on the internet these days, but when it comes to your precious lady parts, it’s always best to leave it to the pros. Here is a list of funny but true AF vagina questions we have all thought of at one point.


1. Where the F is my G-spot?

If you don’t by now know where it is, imagine the struggle your partner will have. It’s actually so easy to find contrary to popular belief. It is a ball-like super-sensitive area found inside the front wall of the vagina and not too far inside. A little self-experimenting can come a long way.

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2. What does it taste like?

A little curiosity never hurt anyone. A cat maybe. This is determined by your level of kinkiness when it comes to matters of the bedroom.

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3. What should I do with all that hair down there?

Especially if bae is right about to come over and it looks like a wild forest down there. Shaving is a quick option for a lot of us though we need to do it correctly to avoid those hideous razor bumps. Waxing is the best option if you want it to last but brace yourself for the pain.

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4. Is that acne???

The skin around your vagina is susceptible to becoming humid and moist and this is a good environment for bacteria (folliculitis) to thrive. Wear cotton panties and avoid tight clothing to avoid this. Also, wrong shaving can result in this ‘acne’.

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5. Why do I feel like peeing during sex?

Good news! This signals that you’re about to reach an orgasm and it’s actually not pee that comes out in the eventuality that you do orgasm.

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6. Why can’t I squirt?

Sadly, not all women are champs at squirting. This is because women experience different levels of lubrication and wetness during sex and foreplay. This build up is what comes out as the ‘squirt’. We are all different and this shouldn’t make you feel any less sexy

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