LOL: Some of the most silly promises we made to our first loves


Remember when you were so in love and you made stupid promises your first love.

You looked into each other’s eyes and told each other how they were the best thing for you. You made each other feel special and you were sure that nothing would alter your love, it was romantic and probably a page ripped out from a Cinderella story. He completed you and so you ended up swearing your love to him. Remember these stupid promises?

1. We will be together forever

I mean you’re probably not even together now so you’re obviously not going to be together forever. This is a promise that you should probably never make to anyone because you don’t know what path you will be on or if you will fall out of love.

stupid promises we made to our first love

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2. I will never leave you 

Another promise that should never be made to anyone is that you will never leave them. What a heavy decision to actually make because you cannot be sure that you will always be there for someone or that they will be there for you.

stupid promises people made to their first loves

3. I want you to be the father of our kids

How did you know that? It’s a cute thing to say, until the man you loved changes right in front of you and all of a sudden you don’t even want him to take care of your pets.

stupid promises we made to our first loves

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4. I will always be there for you 

Another big lie, you meant it when you said it but unfortunately, it is such a commitment especially if you break up. All you can do is be there for someone if you’re actually able to be there.

stupid promises people made to first loves

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5. There’s no me without you 

What were some of us even thinking when we said this? There’s no me without you? So does this mean you died when you broke up? There’s always going to be you without another human being, you came into this world alone and you will leave alone.

stupid promises people make to first loves


What’s the moral of this story? Don’t make promises you’re not sure you’ll be able to keep. People get married and make promises in front of God but they end up divorcing, you would rather say that you will try your best.

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