The kinds of #TeamMafisi men you will definitely find at Kenyan churches

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Church guys are not all that you think. Some men use the house of the Lord as a place of exploitation. A place where they can get weak and vulnerable women who are looking for true and everlasting love. It’s unfortunate that Christian women fall for it just because he speaks the Jesus language doesn’t mean that he will be the perfect husband.

1. The staunch Christian

This man has all the scriptures on his tongue and he is ready to use them at any time. He will remind you not to curse, that sex before marriage is horrible(which is true) then on top of it he is super boring.

types of church men in Kenya
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2. The one who uses the Bible when it’s convenient for him

He knows the Bible but he only uses it in times when he needs to remind you about love and he will probably use the songs of songs verses to tell you how you’re beautiful like Delilah.  However, when it comes to sex before marriage he will tell you that it’s okay because you will get married anyway and that is how he gets into your pants.

types of church men in Kenya
3. The one who uses the Christian faith to manipulate you

He will tell you that he takes a lot of time to pray and God told him that you are meant to be together. Please, let’s all laugh together because how do we know this? How comes God only speaks to him and not you?

types of kenyan men in a kenyan church
4. The one who joins the band to get closer to the choir members

He plays the piano, guitar and often hangs out with the pastors. This man loves the choir ladies as well, he has hit on them, he has slept with them but because he is an instrumentalist he somehow seems really cool.

types of church men in Kenya
5. The church guy who comes to church just to hit on women

This man will hit on women for as long as he is in church, he is usually there as support with Bible verses and Bible quotes. If you’re vulnerable around this man then you’re doomed.

types of church guys in a Kenyan church
6. The broke church guys who are always volunteering for something

Somehow these guys always talk about his passion for helping the needy but he never really has a job which is a problem. He hangs out in church a lot and you find yourself hanging out with him there because he is quite interesting, but do you want to live in church compound?

types of church men in a kenyan church

Not all church men are bad. But Kenyan church men have a reputation of hiding behind the church. Sometimes it’s better to deal with the devil you know than the angel you really don’t.

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