You might not want to hear this, but you’re definitely a rebound girl booboo

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In case you don’t know, a rebound is someone who is used to get over an ex.

It’s just as simple as that, a guy has come out from a relationship and now he needs to get over her. You have probably been there all along playing some sort of important role either sexually or friendship wise. Such men usually know who their rebound girl will be even while they are in a relationship because they knew the relationship would have ended at any time. If you’re wondering why he’s not as invested then maybe you’re just the rebound girl. In case you’re wondering here are the signs you should not miss out on.

1. He just came out of a relationship 

Unless his relationship lasted for just a month then it wouldn’t make sense if he came from a relationship and then now he is interested in you. He is probably using you to get over his ex-meaning he will shift the attention he used to give her to you. Tell him to heal first before coming to you unless you genuinely want to be used.

signs you're his rebound girl
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2. He tells you about his ex

If he talks about his ex whether in a good or bad light it basically means he is not over her. you’re playing counselor to a man you think will get over his ex soon which he won’t.

signs you're the rebound
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3. He has never shown any signs of commitment

He wants to sleep with you and act like you’re in a relationship but when you try and ask him about your status he claims that it’s too fast for him. If he has never been able to commit to you just know that he doesn’t take you seriously and you’re playing a very small role in his life.

signs you're the rebound
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4. He tells you you’re better for him than his ex 

A man who has just come out from a relationship will want to treat you like you are his girlfriend and rush things. He will also try and make you do things that only people in a long-term relationship would have done. Do not be rushed to fill in his exes boots.

signs you're a rebound girl
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5. Your relationship is mostly physical 

Clearly, if he only wants sex it means that he only sees you as an object. If he doesn’t want to do dates and spend quality time without sex it just means he wants to use you. He may talk to you every now and then but it will never mean much for an actual relationship.

signs you're a rebound girl
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6. You feel like he would give his relationship another shot 

You just know that the guy has gotten back with his ex a couple of times which just means there’s a chance he will get back with her.

signs you're a rebound
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The thing about rebounds is that one person usually ends up investing more than the other.

Guys don’t like being alone after a breakup so most of the times they will go on a spree of many dates, they will basically be mean and hurtful because they will never treat you well. Please refuse to be a rebound.

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