Aluta Continua: Proof that General Miguna Miguna is not bowing down any time soon

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The NRM General is back at it. It seems Dr. Miguna will continue gracing our headlines each passing day. Days after a much heated debate , between him and Jubilee MP Moses Kuria, Miguna keeps proving that he is not ready to retreat, not any time soon.

In case you are not in the know, a few days ago, the general was filled with rage sent nasty words to the Jubilee legislator.

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NRM General in some deep thought

Kenyans were amazed with the scholarly input by the General, he had most running grabbing their dictionaries. During the push and shove, referred to Gatundu Mp as an Orangutan, which means – A large mainly solitary arboreal ape with long red hair, long arms, and hooked hands and feet, native to Borneo and Sumatra.

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An image of an Orangutan that was to describe Moses Kuria

Feeling very scholarly; Miguna took his time and gave a break down about his unending fight to his audience. Some truths about himself maybe?

The prominent lawyer cleared the air about some mischevious claims that he was in support of DP Ruto:

As though the explanations above were not enough, he stil aha more to say about ‘Rigged elections’ in 2017

Miguna keeps proving to KOT that he would never bow down no matter what was thrown unto him

In conclusion, Miguna gave a reassurance that he will not retreat anytime soon. Do you think he means what it or he is overy getting emotional?

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