Nandi Senator’s “Level of Madness” Angers Kenyans

What is happening to leaders from Rift Valley leaders with launching mediocre bridges? Just a few months the ailing Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso was on the receiving end for launching a brick bridge which attracted a lot of criticisms.

Laboso strongly defended her project which was eventually carried away by water.

Her next door neighbour is now on the spot for the same. Nandi Senator kiprotich Arap cherargei is the talk of town for launching another mediocre bridge which is not worth its class.

In a photo shared online, Ainakboi MP William Chepkut has attacked Cherargei for launching a wooden bridge which can barely have two people walk side by side.

Chepkut has termed Cherargei’s actions as complete madness.

“Senator Cherargei what kind of madness is this. Bure kabisa!” he said.

The Senator has also been bashed online. One twitter user said the project launched by The bold outspoken legislature as an insult to the local mwananchi.

But Nandi County has been making headlines for quite sometime. Just a few weeks ago, Governor Stephen Sang was in court after a video emerged of him illlegaly clearing tea plantation belonging to a private developer.

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