Don’t do it! Here’s why you should not head to the bedroom after your first date

Gone are the days when we actually preserved the precious flower for Prince charming on our wedding date. Well, some of us might still be into it, but the majority of the women’s population have already gone past that. And once that bridge is crossed, that’s when the real issues crop up.

Here’s why you probably should keep your sealed cookie in the cookie jar till you are absolutely sure.

1. Take time to know your partner more

If you two are meant to be it will be.It doesn’t matter if it’s months or years down the line. You might find some things you can’t deal with or tolerate when you get to know him further. So take all the time you need girl! What’s the rush?

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2. Let him chase you girl!

There’s always the thrill in a good chase, and trust me, men love that stuff. Tease him, make him work for it. Don’t be an easy lay, show him you can hold your fort. Men are predators, they enjoy watching, waiting and planning on how to get you and finally, Pounce! Once you give it up too fast, they’ll most probably lose interest.

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3. Don’t set yourself up for heartbreak you can avoid

No matter how gangsta you claim to be, sex will always be an emotional move for women. We think and feel with our hearts, men, on the other hand, think with their ‘you know what.’ If you want to have sex because you feel the need to set a foundation for a relationship,  don’t do it. He might or might not be in it for the full term relationship you are looking for, maybe he just wants to have some fun.

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Again remember not every chemistry you encounter needs to be pursued with a relationship as an end goal. Take your time to see where it goes.

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