Ni Mapito Tu-Jacqueline Wolper Consoles Imprisoned Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu and Jacqueline Wolper[Instagram]
Tanzanian Actress and also the former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu is spending her third day in remand as she awaits the new bail terms on 24th June 2019.

Wema was taken to court on Monday, 17th, where the magistrate ordered her detainment after she defied a court order and missed the mentioning of her case and bail terms.

Wema Sepetu[Instagram]
Being a famous celebrity, Wema’s story has spread like wildfire and other celebrities have heard about her arrest.  Since there is little that can be done to save her as at now, celebrities are taking to social media to send encouraging messages to Wema Sepetu, despite the fact that she cannot access a mobile phone as at now.

Among the celebrities who have sent a message of consolation to one Wema Sepetu is Jacqueline Wolper,  who is an actress and a businesswoman.

Jacqueline Wolper[Instagram]
Being a Tanzanian Celebrity and Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend, Wolper took to social media and wrote to Wema Sepetu a message of encouragement. Wema and Wolper have 2 things in common; they are both Tanzanian actresses and they dated Wasafi artistes.

Wema dated Diamond Platnumz, while Wolper dated Harmonize.

Jacqueline Wolper and Harmonize Vs. WemaSepetu with Diamond Platinumz [Photo Courtesy]
Taking to social media, Wolper took time to write this;

May the Lord take guide her through, the world has its own tests and we cannot deny it… Sorry, Wema, we fully understand your situation, but it is a temporal situation. I pray that it becomes a temporal situation. I believe that God will carry you through safely. Sorry to your family, friends, fans and everyone who depended on Wema. All these things happen to all of us, yes today it could be a different person in the same situation and this is life. Be strong Wema, God saw that you are capable to go through this and that’s why he is taking you through it. I believe he will take you through safely

Here is the screenshot;


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