Proof that you’re obviously more than just ‘friends’ with him

signs you're more than friends
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We’ve all been there. That confused stage where you’re trying to make sense of whatever is happening between you and someone else who happens to be your good male friend.

Do you like him? Could you possibly have feelings for him? Do you even see him like that???

Trust me I get you. Often we tend to oversee certain things when it comes to friendships. Normally a friendship usually doesn’t have too much emotions, aside from the normal friendly love and affection people have between each other.

But then there’s that one guy you just can’t seem to shake off. You can’t ignore each other, you get nervous around him, and you can tell it’s the same way for him because there’s some tension whenever you’re with him.

It’s kinda obvious y’all like each other and all, it even feels like you’re in a relationship whenever you’re with him. But incase you need any more proof, then you might wanna check out this list just to be sure.

1. You think about them a lot

When you like a guy you tend to think about him, what he’s doing, you miss him a lot more than you normally would. He also tells you that he can’t wait to spend time with you.

signs you're more than just friends
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2. You get jealous if they are with someone else

If he tells you stories about other girls you feel a bit of jealousy and wish he didn’t have to see other people. You probably pretend it’s because you don’t want anyone to break his heart while in reality it’s because you want him for yourself you selfish person lol.

signs you're more than friends
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 3. You actually meet like people who are dating 

There’s never a time you feel like he’s a burden and you actually go for movies and it feels like a date.

signs you're more than friends


4. You’ve slept together and you liked it

If you haven’t slept together yet, you’re probably anticipating the day it happens. And when it eventually did happen you loved it. You may pretend that it just happened by mistake but you actually look forward to another time. Things didn’t get awkward after that and in fact you might be closer.

signs you're more than friends
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5.  You talk all the time

He is your main confidant and the two of you talk about everything and anything. You must communicate at least every day and if you don’t you feel weird and even sad about it.

signs you're more than friends
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6. You’ve had the relationship talk 

You’ve talked about the possibility of dating a couple of times but you’re probably waiting to see how things go because things have been great and you don’t want to ruin whatever the two of you have.

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If you ticked yes to most of the points above then you need to ask yourself the next question. Would you want to be with this guy you clearly like? What is the end goal of your friendship and if you choose not to be with him how do you set boundaries?

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