Shame! Harmonize’s Fiancee Cat-walks Before In-laws Half Naked

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Despite rumours going rounds that Harmonize had a baby with a baby mama, he is still living with his Italian girlfriend Sarah whom he recently proposed after dating her for two years.

Harmonize must be deeply in love with this foreign girl because he involves her in most of his activities. While performing in Dar es Salaam, Harmonize invited his girlfriend on stage and performed live with her.

Harmonize and Sarah [Instagram]
He also mentioned her in his Never give up a song, thanking her for loving and supporting him. Here is the verse

Nilimtanguliza Mungu kwa Swala

Mara ghafla kaja mzungu Sarah Ah,

thank you my beiby You love me,

you support me I love you too

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Harmonize and Sarah [Courtesy Photo]
However, Sarah’s dressing code is a total disgrace before Harmonize’s parents. This follows an incident that occurred when Harmonize was presenting the vehicles to his parents.

KondeBoy proudly called out his fiancee to help him award the cars to the parents. She was to decide which one was best for mom.

Baby unataka mama achukue lipi? -Baby, which car would you wish mom to pic

Harmonize called Sarah

How Sarah Stepped out

The shock on them, Sarah rushed from the house dressed in scanty clothes like those worn by sluts in the streets cat- walking. She was wearing a black off-shoulder top which exposed a better part of her tummy and a short skirt exposing her sumptuous brown thighs to her father in law.

The cameraman tried hiding her for some decency- I presume. The mother tried to steal a few glances while father-in-law completely avoided looking at her.

Here is the Video


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Best Couple In My Life..!!! 🤴👸

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While everyone was congratulating Harmonize for being nice to his parents, some hawk-eyed fans could not allow details of Sarah stepping before inlaws half naked go unaddressed.

Here is what they said;


Sasa uyo mzungu ndo kashindwa jistiri jaman mbele ya wazaz mhh


@emmy_liciouss kama kuna watu wanaongoza kuvaa uchi duniani Niwa Italy ndivo walivo kabisa


@emmy_liciouss imagine lack of respect. Hata haoni mother inlaw vile amevaaa.


Sarah mama ulishindwa vaa ata diraa… Sema fresh pesa kumaanina apo ata ungevaa bikini 👙 mbele ya mkwe fresh🤣💃💃💃 SITAKI huu Uzungu kwa wanangu😆….. Aaamin inshallah


Ila ata kama n uzungu sio Vizuri mwanamke kuvaa mavazi kama ya Sara mbele ya wakwe zake 😆


Kweli jamani lakini mbele ya wakwe kuvaa vile mhh sijuw labda mm mshamba nibaki iviivi😢😢😢


@shanvilla_mau u can see how she’s cat walking. Anafikiri amewin hata kama ndio pesa hafai kuvaa hivo mbele y wazazi. Especially father inlaw he is there and he’s a man so sad. Inafaa afundwe huyu Riyama ally aje ampe doz y mavazi kwa wakwe


@romanicosterdani she’s trying to show off .shame on her this is Africa

Do You think Sarah Disrespected Harmonize’s Parents by walking half naked before them?

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