Sonko Goes For Waititu, Insinuates That the Governor Belongs Behind Bars


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has weighed in the indefinite suspension of a controversial Kiambu magistrate Bryan Khaemba, who gave Governor Ferdinand Waititu anticipatory bail orders, by Chief Justice David Maraga.

Sonko who went on to compliment Maraga on his move towards suspending Khaemba claimed that Waititu is a suspect who has stolen billions of Kenyans with sufficient evidence have been presented.

Posting on his Facebook account, the flamboyant City Boss claimed that the move was the epitome of restoring judicial confidence.

“My compliments to the President of the Supreme court of Kenya Hon. Chief Justice David Maraga on this great move. How on earth does a magistrate grants free bond to a suspect who has stolen billions even after sufficient evidence is presented “, he wrote.

Khaemba who has since resigned after being suspended awarded the embattled Governor, together with his county finance chief Faith Njeri, Ksh 500,000 cash bail in late May despite being on leave.

Earlier on, CJ Maraga suspended Khaemba over gross misconduct without pay.

Chief Justice David Maraga during a previous address.

“Mr Khaemba conducted himself in a manner likely to suggest that he has a personal interest in the matter.

“It was public knowledge that Mr Khaemba was on sick leave as the same was announced to litigants during the morning briefing,” read part of a letter that was addressed to the magistrate.

Khaemba had been previously transferred to Thika Law Courts but Maraga canceled the move and ordered him to hand over all government property that was in his possession.

Waititu was last month arrested and taken to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission offices for questioning over corruption allegations in Kiambu County.

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