The types of Kenyan men you are bound to sleep with in your 20s

wrong guys- Zumi

They say the fountain of youth lies in your 20s. It’s at this stage where you get to experience life and all that comes with it at large. From travelling to dating, being in your 20s means exploring the world to the fullest.
Ofcourse this means you have to have money and a plan because this is also the stage where you get to determine what is going to happen to you for the rest of your life…granted there is always a time and a place for everything so there really shouldn’t be any pressure.
And having said that, it should also come as no surprise when I tell you this is the best time to explore your sexuality. I don’t mean trying everyone and everything, ofcourse you always have to be cautious as possible. But you’d better be free this time, in any case it’s the time you get to find out who you really are.

This is the time when you are blooming and looking your best and every man is after you. You’re going to go for quite a ride so you’d better buckle up girlie. What is of importance is all the character traits you will meet in your journey through sex. Here are some of the guys, you will definitely do the nasty with…

1.The Cry baby

Better get some kleenex for this man sis. He may just cry before, during and after sex. This guy particularly finds it hard to express his feelings and the only way he can do it is by sobbing into your shoulder during the missionary. Lord be our strength.

5 Types Of Guys You'll Have Sex With In Your 20s


2.The Virgin

First off, it’s weird to find a virgin guy, and if you do, we’re never really sure if they’re lying or nah. You can’t blame us considering this society though.

This one will be fully awkward and hilarious. Timing is off, nobody knows what to do with their hands, Premature ejaculation. Just some weird sex. Hopefully, both of you have a sense of humour and can laugh it off. Otherwise, just reverse out of that situation haraka upesi!

5 Types Of Guys You'll Have Sex With In Your 20s


3. The Kinky guy

This is a personal favourite if you ask me. There is nothing but good things to say about him. The only thing is, make sure you get your dose of daily stretching and yoga before you get it on. Fam, utapinduliwa styles zote. If you are not flexible or have stamina for days, don’t even try to do the dirty with this man. You will wake up the next day feeling like you ran a whole damn marathon.

5 Types Of Guys You'll Have Sex With In Your 20s


4. The overly confident man

Weh! First of all, you need to run away from this man. This man is a sexting god. He will send you tasteful nudes and tell you in detail about all the nasty things he is about to do to you. The dick appointment day will arrive bright and early, you will get a wax done, your hair and nails did, exfoliate and moisturise and IT WILL BE FOR NOTHING SIS. Nothing will happen except some mediocre sex. Run.

5 Types Of Guys You'll Have Sex With In Your 20s


Ehen! Our work here is done. Go ye forth and choose to have the best sex. May the odds forever be in your favour. Tell us in the comments what other types of men, we may have missed out on. Give us the tea sis, you know you want to!

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