Honestly, we’ve ALL thought of Getting a Sugar Daddy at these Points!

The new culture wave that sees young Kenyan Women and even older ones, having ‘Sponsors’ or Sugar Daddies, some even going as far as making a career out of it has taken over Kenya like the plague. Every where they look from the Kim Kardashian’s to the local Vera Sidika’s of this world, the influence is nothing but real.

On top of it all we have the extreme living standards that keeps growing in Kenya by the day. Being severed from bank of mom and dad is not always fun. Yes living alone means you can day drink your wine on your day off but it also means you have to make sure all the bills are paid so that you can enjoy it. And when you are not off work you have to plan and by plan, I mean budget to get to work and public transport is the absolute worst.We all need money bruh, not gonna lie. And with our chances of being employed being close to slim at this point, young women have found a new way to getting what they want.

I can bet you even the ‘Holy Joe’s’ of this country have had those thoughts at least during one of these times.

1. When you come across a shoe emergency.

By shoe emergency we mean you see a gorgeous pair of shoes but have no money.


2. Every time you have to part with your money for KPLC’s sake.

Because a blackout is just around the corner.


3. When <insert event here> is around the corner and your bank account is basically giving you this face


4. When you just know in your heart of hearts that you deserve to be on a beach someplace.

But it’s Tuesday and you are in a jav to work.


5. When your bed is all you love in the whole wide world and the alarm rings.

And you wish you had some place to come up with money so that you can call work and let them know you will never return.


6. When you really, really do not wanna adult that day.

Some days you just want to sit at home and binge watch your fav shows in you PJs under a blanket.


7. When you log on to Instagram and a socialite has posted a new photo on the shopping, or a yacht, or some other place you should be. 


But then you remember why you began this career path and you think about how Beyonce would be disappointed in you so you forge on with your hustle.

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