The struggle is REAL if you’re a Kenyan Woman who can’t cook to save your Life!

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This may come as a shock to you, but not all Women can cook. It is important to note first of all, that cooking should not be some rights of passage thing for women.

In all honesty, everyone should learn how to cook. Aside from that, cooking should not be percieved as a necessity to people. It’s more of a choice. Or  rather a calling. Because we all know of someone who can’t cook to save their life.

More so, why is the pressure to cook being put on women alone? I personally think human beings in general should be able to cook but it doesn’t mean you have to look forward to it. There are these men who like insisting that they need to have a chef for a wife to feed them like their mother’s did which is total BS. But the grim reality for a woman who doesn’t like cooking are the things on this list.

1. People keep telling you women should love cooking

Isn’t is it so annoying when men insist that you need to cook for them? You wonder why they can’t hire a chef or just cook their own food or learn how to make an egg. Women are human beings and if they don’t feel like they just like eating and not cooking you don’t need to make them feel otherwise.


things you can relate to if you hate cooking

2. When you tried to cook you probably burnt your food 

My friend once tried to cook chicken and then ended up burning it and said that it was the stew that made it burn. Honestly, how did the stew make it burn? She didn’t know what she was doing so she burnt my precious chicken.

things you can relate to if you hate cooking

3. You just think mixing food is what cooking is 

You don’t know whether you should put onions first or tomatoes or potatoes so you sort of just mix everything in there. There’s nothing worse than someone who doesn’t know when there’s too much salt or the vegetables are not ready.

things you can relate to if you hate cooking

4. Recipes never make sense for you 

You try read Gordon Ramsay’s instructions and then you think you’re reading some sort of quantum physics from Mars. Basically recipes overwhelm you because you can’t imagine putting that much effort into cooking.

things you can relate to if you hate cooking

5. You’re quite happy with eating noodles every day 

Indomie noodles has become a source of nutrition for you and you’re happy with that. You just put some sauce most of the time and after that you’re quite okay to even eat it with eggs.



6. You can never post a photo of your cooked food because it’s usually bad 

It’s really not all that. That even if you used an iPhone 8 all the colours would still look dull and uneventful. Your food basically looks horrible which is quite sad.

things you can relate to if you hate cooking

7. You plan on getting a chef when you get rich 

You wish you could get someone who could just cook for you and let things be. Because you love food but the process is overwhelming and taxing in your world.

things you can relate to if you hate cooking

You don’t need to like cooking, let me just be honest. I think if you can cook a decent meal for yourself you should just be happy. No one should make you feel like you need to start a whole Kaluhi’s kitchen for themselves.

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