US finalizes list of 100 corrupt Kenyans banned from their country

The US Embassy in Nairobi has reportedly compiled a list of top Kenyan corrupt officials who are set to be blacklisted from traveling to the United States.

According to a local newspaper, the list of more than 100 public figures accused of engaging in graft was made by immediate former US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec but was never forwarded to Washington.

New US envoy Kyle McCarter retrieved the list and is set to send the names to Washington for blacklisting.

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The publication also said that Ambassador McCarter is planning to add more names of corrupt Kenyan individuals to the list.

“The ambassador wants more evidence touching on those mentioned so far. And he is also hoping there will be more high profile names once the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji approves charges in the Arror and Kimwarer dams investigations,” a US Embassy official told the Star.

The list comprises of officials from the national and county governments as well as former and serving State corporations chiefs.

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McCarter appeared to mock Kenya’s National Prayer Breakfast held at Safari Park hotel in Nairobi on Thursday. President Kenyatta led leaders in attending the meeting, themed ‘new dawn’.

In a tweet, Ambassador McCarter took a dig at Kenyan leaders attending the annual event.

“Kenyan leaders are praying and asking for forgiveness for the sin of thievery at the 17th annual National Prayer Breakfast.”

“What a good start to take the nation on the path of prosperity the wananchi deserve. We must all do our part,” McCarter sarcastically tweeted.

This month, Ambassador McCarter said Kenyans implicated in corruption would not be allowed to visit the US.

He also said their family members would be denied entry into the US and their children block from schooling there.

“You cannot allow somebody to steal Sh20 billion and fine them Sh10 billion. We deal with thieves in a very brutal way, not even according to the law,” he said.

“Somehow, we tolerate the theft of billions in Kenya. If we stop tolerating thievery, Kenya will be a shining star for democracy and prosperity in Africa.”

On May 16 this year, after a meeting with Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti, the U.S. envoy posted a message on Twitter urging investigative agencies to ensure they catch the ‘big fish’.

“Appreciate the friendship of fellow Brother from Meru DCI George Kinoti and the great work he is doing to #StopTheseThieves. Let’s pray that the DCI can catch the big fish and make an example of how thievery will not be tolerated in Kenya. USA is backing you 100%,” he said.

McCarter is not the first foreign envoy to take a tough stance on corruption and call out Kenyan leaders over the vice.

Britain’s High Commissioner in Kenya, Sir Edward Clay, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in 2004 for accusing ministers of stealing Ksh.16billion.

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“Evidently the practitioners now in government have the arrogance, greed and perhaps a desperate sense of panic to lead them to eat like gluttons. But they can hardly expect us not to care when their gluttony causes them to vomit all over our shoes,” the outspoken envoy told British businessmen.


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