Hypocrisy! Immediately after mourning Ruge on stage, Nandy rushed to rub hips with Willy Paul

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Recently it was revealed that the African Princess was dating Ruge and they were planning to get married weeks before he met his death. However, their relationship remained a secret until Ruge’s son let the cat out of the bag. Ruge Junior said that their family and Nandy have a good relationship ad they view her as one of them and not a celebrity.

Since Nandy and Ruge’s relationship was made public, Nandy has been speaking of the love she had for this man, and she keeps on celebrating him even in his grave.

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On Friday The African princess took to the stage and emotionally dedicated a song to her late lover. She knelt on the stage and poured her heart out while shedding tears. Take a look.

Immediately after Nandy was done with dedicating her song to her late fiancee, she came back to stage with Kenyan artiste willy paul. The two had a  dirty dance on the stage and as people try to understand whether willy paul is a gospel artiste or secular singer, they could not understand how Nandy’s mood switched so fast.

It’s like she was trying to appease the spirit of her late fiancee before unleashing her demons on willy pauls waist. Take a look at how these two were dancing on each other.


Well, Willy pauls fans were happy about the performance but Tanzanians were not happy with how Nandy dressed while performing, and the hypocrisy she revealed. After crying for her late fiancees she storms the stage and grinds willy paul as if nothing happened.

Here is their full performance.

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