Uhuru’s Coded Message to Ruto On Madaraka Day


President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy has severally been alleged of not reading from the same page especially on the fight against corruption.

Once again the president has hit on Ruto who has been accused of hindering Uhuru’s fight against corruption through a coded message.

Uhuru who reiterated his commitment on eliminating corruption in the country’s public institutions said that he will not relent in his resolve, even if it makes some people unhappy. Uhuru said he stands by his mission to sweep public institutions of theft because that is the only way Kenyans will get rid of poverty and create wealth for her citizen.

Speaking in Narok during the 56th Madaraka Day celebrations, the head of state said corruption and politics of division are the greatest threats to Kenya’s development and unity.He urged Kenyans to ignore politicians thriving in hate and are intent on dividing Kenyans along ethnic lines for their own selfish political agenda.

“We are not divided because we are Maasai, or Pokomo, or Luhya, or Kamba nor because we are Muslim or Christian; we are divided because these differences have been used, in politics especially, to place imaginary wedges between us,” said the President, adding ”the war against corruption, is a war we are undertaking with no joy, but one that will continue with no reluctance. I will not stop until the house we inherited from our forefathers has been swept clean. Then, the Plenty within our Borders, can be secured for current and future generations,”

Uhuru also said his apparent silence and avoiding to frequently comment on corruption as he was previously doing is because of the confidence he has on country’s institutions tasked with fighting graft as well as the investigative agencies.He  told Kenyans to reject corruption and stick to the path of truth because that was the only way to sustainably drive Kenya to greater heights.

The president said the key to having a cohesive, prosperous nation is through elimination of corruption, politics of hate and ethnic division as well as politics of grievance and resentment.He also expressed his confidence in the Building Bridges Initiative.

”What makes a nation a nation is not its wealth, but its people’s trust in each other. Corruption is greed: it steals our wealth and our trust alike.We must be bold enough and reclaim the Unity we enjoyed at independence. That is why I initiated the “Building Bridges Initiative” – The Handshake,” said the President.


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