Zoo Kericho Narrowly Escape Relegation Thanks to Posta Rangers Defeat!

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Ahh…we are finally here! The conclusive end of the Kenyan Premier League. Some teams have emerged victorious. Others have secured their stay at the top flight for the next season.

While a few have managed to survive relegation by a whisker!

Indeed, one of the teams to do so was Zoo Kericho. And by a miracle of numbers, they managed to find themselves enjoying the top flight next season.

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From the get-go, Zoo started the game strong. Attacking KCB with such finesse you would think it was a title-decider between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

And their aggressive rewards certainly bore fruit!

The prolific Danson Chetambe managed to bring his goal tally to double digits after netting in the 15th minute of the game.

And before they could recuperate, KCB found themselves 2-0 down in the span of 3 minutes when Deric Anami netted in the 18th minute.

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Upon realizing they were two goals down, the lions of KCB awakened and they managed to pull one back before half-time.

To say the second half was breathtaking was an understatement. It was the most scintillating 45 minutes I have ever watched in the League.

Indeed, it looked like the two teams were playing to the death and the fans enjoyed every minute of it.

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And in the 69th minute, KCB broke the hearts of thousands of Zoo Kericho fans after equalizing the game.

What followed was a tense 20 minutes of football that resembled a battle of the titans.

And despite KCB getting a red card in the 72nd minute, they managed to hold off a resilient Zoo Kericho until the 90th minute.  The game ended 2-2

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Fortunately for Zoo, Posta Rangers lost their final match, meaning that Zoo have narrowly avoided relegation thanks to Posta’s massive error.

Hongera Zoo!


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