Guys is it too soon? Dr. Kingori’s move to Chantal – Forget Eric Omondi

He is funny and his weekly show, The Wicked Edition on NTV, where he plays a cynical news anchor, has kept his growing audience entertained.

Dr. Kingori, as he is popularly known, has been doing standup comedy for the past few years.

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Well, the funny guy has come out to ask whether it’s okay for come him to go for Eric Omondi’s ex-girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli.

Eric and Chantal broke up a week ago over reasons best known to them but insisted that they are still in good terms.

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Taking it to his instagram he wrote;

Guys, is it too soon?

Check out the reactions;

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jaspermurume: Shida ni hiyo hiyo distance. Tushapiga hii hesabu

mulamwah: Ata umechelewa . Ni mimi nilimpiga hii picha 

jamal_njuguna: Walai Wewe @dr_kingori wewe ni Beast ..Nyinyi ni wale wasee waa “Mhh! Wataachana Tu”..Alafu D.M Faster 

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official_afuya:  Very early to shake this table

osorosoro: Hii sio ubro 

inanga_van_mose: @dr_kingori acha kucheka kwa mazishi.

_omarion__: @dr_kingori u were third party in their relationship 


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Guys, Is it too soon?

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