Do you and your father still wear underwear?

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When my balls are sagging, it’s harder for my d*@# to communicate with them. I think there’s a difference between ‘juvenile’ underwears and other briefs. I wear briefs sometimes, but Calvin Klein or MAN , stuff like that. I don’t wear plain, old white Hanes or whatever. I personally wish there wasn’t this stigma against them. They’re comfortable, and when it’s 100 degrees out, it’s nice to not have extra material.

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This new design was welcomed by men at the time, many of whom were still sporting incredibly uncomfortable knee-length flannel drawers well into the 1930s. But while underwear’s remained popular for a few decades, they lost much of their appeal in the 1970s and 1980s, when underwear transitioned from something that men traditionally hid underneath their trousers into flashy and often fun fashion statements.

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These days, underwear’s act almost solely as a punchline. When actor Bryan Cranston asked Breaking Bad writer Vince Gilligan why his character sported underwear’s while stumbling through the New Mexico desert, his response pretty much summed up the current cultural opinion toward these outdated undergarments, Underwear’s.

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But despite underwear’s being stigmatized as both dorky and childish two qualities that most men don’t want to be associated with their junk some guys defiantly continue to wear them.  I’m probably one of the last few generations that grew up wear underwears. I was born in the early 90s, and white briefs were still the most common male underwear. As I went through school, boxers became popular, and later on, boxer-briefs. But I still wore plain, white briefs, because that’s what my mom always bought me.

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Between my friends and I, most of us still wear underwears, because it’s what we’re used too. Plus, I think it all depends on where you live: Our store shelves are filled with boxers, but the briefs are usually running low on stock because most guys wear them around here. I say just wear what you want and be proud of it. If more and more men do start wearing underwears, it’s worth remembering that snug underwear can reduce your sperm count. Even so, you have to admit, underwears are still a better option than knee-length flannel drawers.

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