Country In Shock After Knife-Wielding Man Reigns Terror on Students

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Japan is mourning the death of two people after a knife-wielding attacker stormed an elementary school, launching a vicious attack that led to the killing of several students.

The attack which happened near a park in the Japanese town of Kawasaki becomes one of the deadliest attacks ever in the country.

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According to data from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Japan is one of the world’s safest country with the lowest homicide cases.

In Japan, even carrying a pocket knife is a prohibited crime that could land you in jail.

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The children were stabbed by a man who went on rampage, injuring 15 other students in the process.

Police reports indicated the man would afterwards take his own life after committing the crime.

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In 2016, Japan lost 19 people after a knife attack went overboard resulting in the greatest single-event loss of lives since World War II

In between, the country has largely remained peaceful with minimal reports of violent crimes.

Victims were taken to four different hospitals. A spokesperson at the Nippon Medical School Musashikosugi Hospital confirmed the young girl and a 39-year-old man died.

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