Tanasha Donna Trolled By Mange Kimambi- Says she’s Faking Life

Wow! It seems that Mange Kimambi not only dislikes Zari and her children but he has a special hatred for everything attached to Diamond.

Mange started with Zari, accused her of living a fake life, exposing her past and then trolling her for living in the house that was bought by ex-husband with another man.

She later moved to accuse Zari of keeping her children too much on social media. In fact, Mange claimed that Zari’s children will join Freemason if they are not kept off social media. She also said the children may face troubles in the future if their presence in the internet and social media is not controlled.


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Narudia watoto hawa wasipolelewa kimaadili ,watajiunga freemason wakiwa wadogo

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As if that was not enough, she trolled Zari for visiting Tanzania and claimed that she was supposed to be arrested for doing business in Tanzania simply because she was married there.

Now Mange Kimambi has shifted the hate towards Diamonds new catch Tanasha Donna,  On Friday Diamonds father shared Tanahsa donnas photo wearing some revealing clothes.

Now, Mange took to social media ad share a photo of Tanasha, and merged it with that of Cardi B   and captioned;


Anaforce kuwa card b lakn wapi ,mwambie wifi yetu apumzike bwana

translated, how she is forcing herself to be Cardi b, Tell our inlaw to go slow! all this addressed to Tanasha Donna who is Diamond Platinumz Bae.


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Anaforce kuwa card b lakn wapi ,mwambie wifi yetu apumzike bwana

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This comes a few days after Mange accused of Diamond and the entire WCB for Defying Ramadhan rules and performing secular music at a holy event during a holy month.

She posted a clip of Diamond and his friends performing and captioned it

Mm kama dada wa taifa nasema mmekosea sana ,katikati ya ramadhan, kwenye futari waislam mnaburudika kwa bongo fleva ,,,? Allah awasamehe
Follow kuona llaana iliyowapata baada ya kuimba kwennye futari


The question is, what is it that Diamond did to Mange? Why does Mange find controversy around Diamond Platinumz?

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