How Zari Lied About Her Wedding! Is Her KingBae Real?

Well! well! well! If you remember last month, April 26, Zari when online, on social media and told the world that she had gone for honeymoon robes shopping.

Zari did this few days after Diamond went online and accused her of cheating on him with two men; Peter Okoye and her gym instructor. After a heated exchange between Zari and Diamond on social media, She made every post that informed the world that she was getting married.

Here is a post that Zari did telling the world that she is was getting ready for a honeymoon. People believed that she was getting ready for a wedding and that’s why she posted the pictures of robes and captioned; Ā Honeymoon robes

She also went ahead and did a video of her choosing the robes from a Versace shop and assured her fans that she will be changing her title from single to Mrs.

In the video, Zari is seen opening a box of the brand new yellow robe and saying that she loves it. All this was happening after she also posted some flowers seemingly from Kingbae indicating that the countdown for the wedding was just on.

Well, one month down the line, no wedding was conducted. Zari has kept on posting a number of videos showing off King Bae but no one has ever seen the face of King Bae.

Now Lies don’t last for long. It seems Zari forgot that she said that the Robes were meant for a honeymoon when she stepped out with them at the backyard of her house.

Take a look at this!

So did Zari go to honeymoon with his children?

Was Zari laying to the public when she said that she was buying honeymoon robes? Does she really have a real love or she just shows off gifts bought by herself and later gives credit to the Invisible Mr.M AKA King Bae?

Well, Zari has been flaunting a new house that she claims King Bae bought for her, But who knows she might have bought the house herself to cover the shame that she has been living houses allegedly bought by men. However, it has not been confirmed whether they bought it together with her ‘Imaginary Kingbae’ Or she bought it by herself.


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